Recinto Ferial

Fair ground Fuengirola.

The Fuengirola Fairgrounds are in the centre of the city. Covering an area of over 52,000 square metres, it has permanent facilities for 32 associations. At one end of the Fairgrounds is the Palacio de la Paz, a multi-purpose building that in addition to being used as a cultural space year-round, also hosts concerts and all types of activities associated with local celebrations. Its permanent facilities also make it the perfect setting for one-off events, like the Seat 600 encounter or the European Harley Davidson gathering.

As the markets vary slightly, choosing the best day to go depends on what you are searching for. Tuesday’s morning market includes foods and spices, typical cheap Spanish products and clothing. If you’re interested in all things vintage, than the Saturday market is where you need to be.

Looking for that one record to complete your vinyl collection? How about a flamenco dress for the Malaga Feria? Perhaps some batteries, a plant, a few novels, a knock-off designer bag, or a centerpiece for your dining room table? Literally – this market has it all


Some of the more unusual items for sale include army helmets, mannequins, and licence plates! If not there to buy, than simply browsing through the various stalls is equally as fun. 

Furthermore, not all of the goods at the market are Spanish! In fact, there are vendors and stalls displaying goods from all over Europe and other parts of the world. Inquire about the items and see where they originate from! 


The market generally runs from 9 am to 2 pm, and though this is not the hottest part of the day, it is still important to be prepared for several hours of sun exposure. The market is nearly all uncovered, so consider wearing a hat or some sunscreen!

Thankfully, there are vendors walking around selling cold drinks and fresh fruit to keep you cool. You may notice them quickly disappear when a police car drives by (something tells me they’re not supposed to be selling there). But don’t worry, they’ll soon emerge from hiding once again – it’s actually quite a funny sight to see! Keep an eye out for their wheelbarrows packed with fresh pears, bananas, and many other kinds of fruit. 

How to get there

If you are coming into the city by train, you can get off at one of two stops: Los Boliches or Fuengirola. The fair grounds in which the market is located is exactly between the two stops, about a 10 to 15 minute walk from both. Once you see the distinct yellow arch, you have reached the grounds!

If you are coming from the center, you can walk from the main train and bus station and head east. See the map below for a better idea of where it is located. 

If you arrive by car, there is unfortunately not much parking in the area. You may have to try and find parking in an underground lot nearby, and walk the rest of the way.

Things to keep in mind

Most of the vendors only accept cash, but there are some that do, in fact, take credit or debit. Watch out for a sign that indicates so, or simply ask the stall managers themselves. 

Like any shopping center, pick-pockets are a reality. Keep your bags close to you and be aware of all your belongings. 

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